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Urry Software Lab
Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, 32 MB of RAM, Pentium 166, DirectX 5.0 or higher

3DMiracle allows you to create single-image stereograms with 3D animation support.
3DMiracle features three rendering algorithms; hidden surface removal and distortion compensation functions; and the ability to output 24-bit color, high-resolution images up to 10,000x10,000 pixels.
It supports BMP, DIB, and JPG texture images; BMP and DIB mask images; and lets you save your stereograms in BMP and JPG formats.

Urry Software Lab

Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, 32 MB of RAM, Pentium 166, DirectX 5.0 or higher
3DMonster allows you to create depth masks for single-image stereograms with 3D animation support.
You can import 3D objects from 3DS files, create bitmap mask sequences for animated stereograms, and move and rotate your 3D objects.

3DMonster supports high-resolution bitmap depth masks up to 10,000x10,000 pixels.

AbSIRD Project
Quake 2 AbSIRD
This is a modification of the Quake 2 graphics engine which replaces all the 3d graphics with SIRDS. So you get all the same action and gameplay, but in full real-time SIRDS.


A Java applet that lets you 'draw in height' essentially creating 3d shapes and figures in the same way you use a simple drawing tool.

SPonglet Real-time Pong in a Java applet. This is a single player only game but it's quite alot fun when it's done in SIRDS.

Now you can draw and create SIRDS on the run with the Pocket PC based SIRDS editing tool.

Magic Ink

This Tablet PC based SIRDS editor lets you adjust the 'depth' of your line with the pressure applied to the pen giving you detailed control for making great looking SIRDS.

Bigle 3D
Bigle 3D is a stereogram generator or SIS (Single Image Stereogram). To create you own stereogram, give a background, and a greyed image that contain the 3D information: So more an area is dark, so more it's far away. Everything is realised in a Wizard. You can save your stereogram under the main images format (BMP, PNG, JPG, TIFF…) and open even more types of images to create them.

Easy Stereo
Easy Stereo
- Professional utility for creation of high-quality stereograms.
It can create stereograms from 3D-objects or prepared depth-masks , export depth-masks, create animated stereograms, print rendered stereograms.
Supports rendering with low and high resolutions.
Program possesses the beautiful and easy interface with support of external skins and plugins.
No difficult adjustments needed for stereograms creation. Works fast even on slow machines.
Supports the following formats:
3D Studio .3DS, .ASC; Quake .MDL, .MD2; .BMP, .PNG, .JPEG; .AVI

Java StereoMaker
Create stereograms online



K3Dcad is a program to generate depthmaps and stereograms.
It is used as a 3D CAD (computer aided design) program to design 3 dimensional objects. These objects can be rendered to depthmaps (used as 'solution' for stereograms) and stereograms ('Magic Eye').

Online Stereogram Generator

This program will allow you to create your own text-based 3D stereogram! The best part is that it is incredibly easy to use! Simply enter any word in the "Hidden Word" text field (such as your name) that you would like to make into a stereogram and click the GO! button. Your stereogram will be generated automatically
OS: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

Sirds lets you create Single Image Random Dot Stereogram (SIRDS) and Single Image Stereogram (SIS) images.
  • Generate a "wall-eyed" (divergent) or "cross-eyed" (convergent) stereogram
  • Customizable dimensions (resolution, observer distance, maximum depth, and eye separation)
  • Hidden-surface removal
  • Center to both sides method to minimize the distortion
  • Oversampling to give smooth depth levels
  • Stereogram viewing guide marks
  • Random Dot pattern generator
  • Supported depth map and pattern image file types: PNG, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PICT, etc.
  • AppleScript scripting
William Andrew Steer

SISgen is a high quality Stereogram 3D software. Various companies have produced posters and books of stereograms, under the such names as "Hollusion" and "Magic Eye". With SISgen you can create your own!
Stereogram Creator

StereogramCreator can create Single Image Random Dot Stereograms (SIRDS), or Single Image Stereograms (SIS) depending on whether the picture contains random dots as a base for the 3D effect, or a repetitive image pattern. There is not very easy to get source depth image as base for generating stereograms.
Stereogram Explorer

Stereogram Explorer is a user-friendly design software for creating high-quality hidden 3D graphics, also known as Single Image Random Dot Stereograms (SIRDS) or Single Image Stereograms (SIS) known from the "Magic Eye" series. Stereogram Explorer uses advanced algorithms and can render animations from 3DS models.

Stereogram Maker
You may create stereograms from two types of 3D data: AutoCAD DXF files, or range pictures in JPEG or BMP format.
For 3D data in DXF format, you may manipulate (e.g. rotate, move or zoom) the 3D objects, and create a stereogram with the 3D objects in the position that you see on your screen. You may choose optional perspective for creating stereograms with better visual effect.
For 3D data in range picture format, you may apply any linear or nonlinear function to map pixel values to actual distances.

Stereogram Maker provides (color or grayscale) random-dot coding patterns. You may also use any JPEG or BMP image as your coding pattern.

You may drag-and-drop to open any supported file. The displays are fully interactive. They can be zoomed, moved, or rotated. The displays can be copied, saved or printed. For 3D plots, you may choose to copy or save them as image, enhanced metafile, or data points in text format. Four types of 3-D plots are available.

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